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Contract Negotiation
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Contract Negotiation

Pharmacy Guild - Victorian Branch

Member Contract Rate Saving $218,536

The Victorian branch of the Pharmacy Guild has had a great relationship with Stephen Burgum and his team at Empower that has spanned several years. This last campaign locked in exclusive electricity rates with Blue NRG for 2021/22. Stephen and his team negotiated an excellent deal for our members that they could access as a “Member-Only” benefit. The campaign has been an absolute success by saving our members in excess of $218,000 per annum in electricity charges. Stephen and his team provided our members with personalised and thorough reviews of their electricity charges and went about finding savings wherever possible by signing them up to the exclusive Blue NRG rates. The process for our members could not have been simpler. The success of this campaign can only be attributed to the hard work, dedication and on-going customer support from Stephen and his team. The feedback that we have received from our members has been amazing. This last 12-18mths have been difficult for community pharmacy due to Covid restrictions and every dollar that they have been able to save by signing up to this deal has been so important to those business owners. We would not hesitate in working with Stephen Burgum and his team at Empower again in the future and would be happy to recommend them as smooth and efficient operators. They made the whole process seamless.

Business Development & Project Team

Cut Glass

Contract Rate Saving $20,086

Our electricity contract was close to expiry, so we contacted Empower, who ran a tender and negotiated an amazing annual saving of $20,086 over 5 years.  I found Empower to be exceptionally professional and knowledgeable.  They skillfully negotiated low rates with retailers in line with downwards movements in the wholesale market, finalising our contract just before the market moved up with winter demand.  This saving has been vital to our business through this challenging time and I cannot recommend their services enough 

Brian Coleman - Owner

Hungie Fangs Artisian Bakery 

Contract Rate Saving $20,000

Lina runs Hungie Fangs Artisian Bakery in Cobram and when she received her May bill from Q Energy was extremely shocked to discover that her peak rate with Q Energy had increased to 53.796 c/kWh and off peak to 31.734 c/kWh.  All of a sudden her small business, already doing it tough, was expected to find an extra $1,600 per month to spend on electricity.  Lina is so busy running her bakery that she doesn’t have time to deal with this herself so she called Empower for help.  We quickly reviewed Lina’s situation and found her a better deal, instantly reduce her annual energy spend by over $20,000 per year.

Lina wanted us to share her story as she does not want other businesses to be ripped off and stresses the importance of always checking your rates.  Don’t be caught out by this bad practice and be wary of retailers tempting you with misleading low rates and then jacking them up after a few months 

Lina Galati - Owner

Ecowash Automatic Car Wash

Contract Rate and Network Tariff Saving $12,217

I contacted Empower to help me find with my electricity re-contracting, they also offered to review my business' Network Tariffs to confirm whether they were on the correct tariff or if there was a cost benefit in reassigning to a different tariff.

Through some tricky contract negotiations, Empower managed to saved me $12,217 per year with the following energy strategies:

Electricity savings $5443

Network tariff savings $6566

Metering charge savings $209

I found Empower's services to be great for my businesses and I highly recommend them to any business seeking to save electricity costs."

Robert Pace - Owner

Energy Health Check

Nullarbor Sustainable Timber and Joinery

Network Tariff Saving $14,675

When I renewed my electricity contract with Blue NRG I was offered an Energy Health Check as a means to help take control of our energy costs. Empower's report identified nearly $20,000 of annual savings with their recommended energy reduction strategies.  I went ahead with Empower's suggestion to reassign our Network Tariff, our first bill after the reassignment was $1,821 less in comparison to the previous year which is a significant savings.  Empower has helped save my business $14,675 per year with a Network Tariff reassignment and Direct metering agreement. I found their service to be thoroughly helpful and would recommend them to any business looking at different ways to reduce their electricity bills.

Colin Height - General Manager

Sky High Indoor Trampoline Park

Demand Charge Saving $5,080

I contacted Blue NRG as my bills were a lot higher than normal, but I hadn't done anything differently in my business.  BlueNRG recommended I chat with Empower who suggested we run an Energy Health Check to analyse the consumption profile of the business to determine what the issue might be. The report showed that the meter data was incorrect and I had been incorrectly charged over $3,000, they also identified that there was an annual savings of $1,800 if I changed my network tariff.  Empower fought on my behalf with my retailers and distributor to save me time and energy resulting in a total of $5,080 savings for my Trampoline business, now I'm jumping for joy :) I would highly recommend Empower for any electricity pricing or usage concerns as this is one business that under promises and over delivers, where as usually you get other way around. I would also like to thank both Rachael and Stephen for the absolute professionalism and  communication they have displayed.

Nedaj Semic - Owner

Seymour Motel

Energy Savings $4,787

As a way of helping me unravel my electricity costs, I was offered a free Energy Health Check for my business when I renewed my electricity contract.  The Energy Health Check revealed there was an estimated $4,787 in savings to be availed, $1,329 of which could come from reassigning my network tariff.  Working with both Empower and Blue NRG, my network tariff was changed and the first bill after the reassignment showed a savings of $207.  I found Empower's service to be professional and helpful and I am extremely happy with Blue NRG’s assistance with helping me lower my energy costs.”

Rishi Kandel - Owner

Pastoral Industries Agriculture Products

Energy Savings $4,104

After recently changing to Blue NRG, one of the services offered to my company was a “Free Energy Health Check” which I jumped at. With my limited knowledge of energy usage, I figured this to be a great learning exercise for me.  The Free Energy Health Check was conducted by their business partner Empower - and I dealt with Rachael who was fantastic and helped me to identify how I could reduce my energy costs.  In addition to helping me identify a number of devices which were inefficient with their energy usage, the biggest benefit was the work she did in reassigning my network tariff - which I was not aware could be done.  Empower took care of all the paperwork, engaged directly with the distributor to facilitate the change, and made it very simple and easy for me, I actually didn’t have to do anything. Whilst initially skeptical that it would result in savings, I was extremely impressed to save $194 from only my first bill (approx. 30%). The net result from this is that I am now looking to save in excess of $4,000 per annum which is funds I can now utilize in other areas of my business. I would highly recommend the Free Energy Health Check and the service and support provided to me by Empower and most importantly Rachael.

Kristian Holmberg – General Manager 

Energy Solutions

Warburton Holiday Park ​

Annual Saving from Solar $6,203

Interested in reducing their electricity bills and improving their green credentials with solar.

Empower partnered with Cherry Energy Solutions to deliver a 22kW solar system.

The system is made up of 84 x 270W QCELL Q.POWER G5 modules paired with P350 commercial grade DC optimisers from SolarEdge, along with a smart meter for performance analytics.  Immediately after being switched on, the system was performing excellently, covering a significant portion of the Park’s energy needs.

Over the lifetime of the system, Warburton Holiday Park will save over $238,000, a fantastic result for all involved.

Mordialloc College ​

Annual Saving from LED $10,472

Interested in upgrading their facilities while becoming more energy efficient.  Empower assisted with the installation of over 1,000 LED lights throughout the school, a combination of LED Floodlights in the courtyards, 9W, 15W and 18W LED Tubes in the classrooms, staff rooms and bathrooms.  The school opted for a premium solution in one of their blocks, which involved surface mounted 27W LED Panel lights.  Over the next 10 years, Mordialloc College will save more than $89,000 through a 65% reduction of their energy expenditure on lighting.  Due a large number of the LED lights being approved under the Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificate (VEEC) Scheme, the school received a significant subsidy from the government and saved 21% off the total cost of their project.

Star Pharmacy

Annual Saving from LED $6,789

Empower achieved savings for Star Pharmacy of $6,789 per year through reduced energy consumption and maintenance costs.  Post installation Empower confirmed the energy reduction of 41%.  The payback on the LED investment was only 1.4 years.