Victoria No Cost LED Highbay Upgrade

By - Stephen
11.02.21 01:26 PM

Limited to installs completed by 31 Mar 2021

Automotive Brands saved 80% of their office and warehouse lighting costs with a smart LED lighting upgrade.  You can too, and at no cost at all if installed by 31 March 2021 and your premises are in Victoria.

From 1 April 2021 the rebate for Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates is dropping by 60%. These certificates are a Victorian Government incentive to support energy efficiency upgrades that reduce carbon emission. 

Although the value of the rebate is scheduled to reduce, the current price of a certificate has increased to a point that can fund a complete LED highbay upgrade and control unit including installation costs.

Even if you have upgraded your highbay lights to LED in the past, you can now upgrade to lower wattage dimmable smart LED highbays and control unit at no cost to you. 

Here are examples of the reduction in wattage that an LED upgrade can provide, along with the number of VEEC received:

200w to 150w = 8.37 VEEC (5.38 VEEC for Control unit)

200w to 120w = 9 VEEC (4.3 VEEC for Control unit)

200w to 80w = 10.04 VEEC (2.87 VEEC for Control unit)

150w to 120w = 6.1 VEEC (4.3 VEEC for Control unit)

150w to 80w = 7.05 VEEC (2.87 VEEC for Control unit)

120w to 80w = 5.26 VEEC (2.87 VEEC for Control unit)

This offer is only available for installations completed by 31st March 2021, so get in touch with Empower straight away so that we can schedule your upgrade installation within this timeframe.

For further information see page 16 -  Part 34 – Non-J6 Building Based Lighting Upgrades 

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