$218,536 saving for Victorian Pharmacy Guild members

By - Stephen
07.09.21 11:03 AM

Excellent feedback from the Victorian Pharmacy Guild project team on the success of our recent exclusive member electricity deal.  Very proud of our achievement and I look forward to providing further member services.

2nd September 2021

Testimonial – Empower

The Victorian branch of the Pharmacy Guild has had a great relationship with Stephen Burgum and his team at Empower that has spanned several years. This last campaign locked in exclusive electricity rates with Blue NRG for 2021/22. Stephen and his team negotiated an excellent deal for our members that they could access as a “Member-Only” benefit. The campaign has been an absolute success by saving our members in excess of $218,000 per annum in electricity charges. Stephen and his team provided our members with personalised and thorough reviews of their electricity charges and went about finding savings wherever possible by signing them up to the exclusive Blue NRG rates.  The process for our members could not have been simpler.  The success of this campaign can only be attributed to the hard work, dedication and on-going customer support from Stephen and his team. The feedback that we have received from our members has been amazing. This last 12-18mths have been difficult for community pharmacy due to Covid restrictions and every dollar that they have been able to save by signing up to this deal has been so important to those business owners. We would not hesitate in working with Stephen Burgum and his team at Empower again in the future and would be happy to recommend them as smooth and efficient operators. They made the whole process seamless.

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