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Energy Services

As a member of the ABA, you have support from the association's trusted energy consultancy partner, Empower, along with an exclusive retail  electricity deal from Blue NRG.

Empower specialises in identifying opportunities to reduce energy costs and using group buying power to negotiate deals across a range of energy solutions to maximise member energy savings.

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ABA Member - Cut Glass

Just Saved $20k per year

Here's how...

“Our electricity contract was close to expiry, so we contacted the Australian Balustrades Association’s energy consultant, Empower, who ran a tender and negotiated an amazing annual saving of $20,086 over 5 years.  

I found Stephen from Empower, to be exceptionally professional and knowledgeable.  Stephen skillfully negotiated low rates with retailers in line with downwards movements in the wholesale market, finalising our contract just before the market moved up with winter demand.  

This saving has been vital to our business through this challenging time and I cannot recommend Stephen’s services enough to other association members.”

Brian Coleman, Cut Glass Pty Ltd

Empower are an Australian owned company that is constantly looking for new and smarter ways to help our customers reduce their energy bills.

Energy Contract Procurement

Our energy tender service will assist your business to negotiate preferential energy contract rates.

Energy Assessment

Our energy health check will help you to identify options for reducing your business energy costs.

Energy Solutions

We will assist you in sourcing cost effective solutions, project implementation and on-going energy management

As an Australian Balustrades Association member, contact Empower today to find out how much your business can save!